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The Abuse Crisis & Canon Law

The abuse crisis is caused by Canon Law: Which is about being obedient to the Pope. The Popes in the last century have never protected victims from predator priests. The Pontifical Secret infact Enables predators such as ex-Cdl Theodore McCarrick, and most recently Fr. Shaun Lowery: ‘I sin boldly!’

The pontifical secret or pontifical secrecy or papal secrecy is the code of confidentiality that, in accordance with the Latin canon law of the Catholic Church as modified in 1983, applies in matters that require greater than ordinary confidentiality:[1]

Catholic Editors: unless sedevacanists* or Willing to Denounce this Won’t Cover it

Paul Abbott, Ed.d

*Sedevacantism is a theological position embraced by Traditionalist Catholics which holds that the Papal See has been vacant since the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958 (or, in some cases, the death of Pope John XXIII in 1963). The term “sedevacantism” is derived from the Latin phrase sede vacante, which literally means “while the seat is vacant,” the seat in question being that of the Papal See. The phrase is used during the vacancy of the Holy See between the death or resignation of a Pope and the election of his successor.

The abuse crisis: In 7 (mis)Steps

  1. Bishops and Priests follow Canon Law
  2. Media people hired or (get funding from) the Bishops create narratives in favor of Canon Law
  3. Victims ask for justice and are told Canon Law has been applied
  4. Victims go to the State and ask for Justice, Some receive it
  5. Bishops put offenders back into ministry and/or keep their offenses secret (Pontifical) for as long as possible
  6. Journalists cover these events
  7. Editors BLOCK coverage of Canon Law to keep the whole this going

God Will have His Day

“Darkness may have its hour, but God will have His day.” We are living in the shadows of darkness cast upon this world. The true persecution of faithful Catholics and Christians across the world is only just starting to test us. Here in the USA, we are not even close to the suffering of men and women in China, Ukraine and African countries. Yet we are crying out with complaint. We can complain all we want, but is this truly what will prepare you for the real sacrifices you will need to give as the evil men comae for you and yours?

In the days of evil

Beaware of men like these, they are exposing themselves with evil across the world. Evil men on the earth today need to create chaos to distract ordinary men and women

my mind would fade away from my abuser’s approach. He would just keep coming, pushing, prodding until my weak flesh would give in to him. He said he was holy, my pathway to heaven. He never was nor will he ever be.